Saturday, April 1, 2017

Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness

Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness
How Pain Reveals His Deepest Love

Written By: Charles F. Stanley

Book Overview:
Is it possible to be broken and blessed at the same time?
Life brings so many hardships, from failed marriages to lost jobs, from health crises to broken relationships. How can we stay strong in our faith in spite of these obstacles? Trusted pastor and bestselling author Dr. Charles F. Stanley answers these questions and more in Finding God’s Blessings in Brokenness. “Affliction acts as spiritual fertilizer on a believer’s faith,” he says, and can enrich our hearts and spirit.
Perhaps you’ve already experienced circumstances so shattering that you may wonder if it’s even possible to pick up the pieces. And maybe you can’t. But God can—and the good news is He wants to reassemble the shards of your life into a wholeness that comes only from Him.
My Thoughts:
In one word - WOW! As in a sensational success!
Like all books that I receive in the mail, I eagerly open the package like a little kid on Christmas morning.  In most cases once I start reading the book I can't put it down. This one was amazing.  It was written very much to the point.  There wasn't a lot of stories to convey the purpose or point he was trying to make he just got to the point.  I enjoyed reading the book, some parts were harder to read than others just because of life circumstances. The idea of being broken is something we can all relate to but very few of us embrace the pain, we spend a lot of time trying to run from it or avoid it.  In those places that we feel deeply broken, there lies a place for God's love to shine the brightest. One of my favorite parts of this book was in the final chapter which was titled "The Promise of Blessing." There was a section about God's grace and how Paul had a thorn in his flesh that made him feel weak and insufficient. It was Paul's brokenness. Ultimately Paul accepted it as, "God's way of bringing him to the blessing of knowing that God was sufficient for him regardless of any outer circumstances." Stanley went on to explain that we only ever truly learn about God's grace when we are brought to a place where we can no longer endure the pain we feel. He then talked about the refining of precious metals and how it starts with low heat and "certain impurities respond quickly to heat, and they rise to the surface of the metal and are skimmed away. The heat is then increased and other impurities rise to the top of the cauldron of molten metal and are skimmed off. Only under extremely intense heat will the most stubborn of impurities separate from the metal and rise to the top where they can be removed. The process is the same in our lives. The breaking in our lives is by degrees. God breaks us layer by layer, bit by bit. If God moved immediately to the deepest areas of our lives, we couldn't stand it. The most deeply embedded things within us are subject to the greatest amount of brokenness. Only when these deep-seated, strongly entrenched weaknesses or flaws are removed can we truly say, 'i know God's grace is sufficient for anything."  Only by knowing the full intensity of God's refining fire to do we experience God's unlimited grace.  This book was just what I needed, the only bad thing about it was that it seemed to end too soon....
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from BookLookBloggers.

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