Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learning is fun!

Today I spent some time reflecting on all that I have to be grateful for.

1.  I have the oppurtunity to stay home with my boys.
2.  My husband loves me.
3.  My husband works hard to support us and doesn't complain about it.
4.  All of our needs are met and we live a very comfortable life.
5.  We have NO credit card debt!!!
6.  We are 25 and 26 and are working towards owning our own home...been here just over 2 years!
7.  Our car is almost payed off.
8.  We are healthy.
9.  We don't smoke and we don't drink...setting the example for our boys.
10.  I live right down the road from my parents...somehow I knew I would 'never' leave home...3 doors
       down is far enough away for me!!
11.  My boys love me.
12.  My Seth loves to learn....

And that brings me to what we did today....

Ivan has been getting up around 7 in the morning and staying awake and playing and eating until about noon and then he sleeps for a good three hours, wakes up and stays awake until about 8 when they both go down for the night.  So we came home this morning after taking Dennis to work and our daily Target trip to check for deals...and we played with Ivan and had a snack and watched Sesame Street.  I fixed some lunch for Seth and put Ivan to sleep and then Seth and I turned to...and enjoyed a couple hours of learning as we listened to the pouring rain.

My boys...Seth looks so much like Dennis and Ivan looks so much like me!
When Ivan was sleeping this is what Seth and I did ---

For Science we did a little lesson on osmosis and water transfer with permeable membranes.  He measured the marble pebbles...they were 2/10 of a centimeter when we first started....we added water and then they were about 7/10 of a centimeter.  We then counted them and sorted them according to color where we discovered that all of the blue marbles were considerably smaller than the purple, yellow, green and clear colors.  He recorded his observations in his Science journal.

We talked about the weather outside...mostly just to calm him down.  He is not crazy about thunder and lightening ... both of which were happening while we were 'working'!  We got out construction paper and cut out black rain clouds, yellow lightening, grass and rain drops and we glued it all in place where we thought it should go.  We recorded the date and the type of weather we had for today! 

We also got out the wiki sticks that Grandma just gave to Seth!  We did a dot to dot activity of the United States where he counted from 1 to 37, while using wiki sticks to make the line instead of a pencil!  He really enjoyed tearing these aparts and mashing them down on the paper.  Once complete we marked where we live - Seth will tell you he lives in Jacksonville, "Flor-a-da" with a very heavy southern accent.  He also marked Colorado which is where his Great Grandparents on Dennis' side live!  We are probably going to send this map to his Great Grandma Bonnie for her upcoming birthday - she will be 81 years old!  He also traced the letters U S A!!!

Our next activity is basically a VERY early SAT prep activity!  The analogies totally killed my SAT score.  To prepare Seth for this ... starting now...we did a worksheet that had a picture of something on the left side of the paper and he had to find what it went with from the right side of the paper...shirt goes with pants, goggles with swim flippers, bucket with shovel....so maybe had I started this line of thinking at such an early age then my SAT scores might have been better?!?!  (just kidding) 

After that worksheet I let him reach into a ziploc bag of foam pieces and he took out a handful.  We then sorted them by shape and size...big hearts, little hearts, triangles, squares, big circles, little circles...and we took it a step further and graphed them!  He enjoyed counting them and sorting them and of course using the ruler to get those straight edges for his graph!

We finished our "learning time" with some 'art' and 'music'...we cut up pieces of brown and green paper to make a tree and then colored the sun and the birds and the grass.  I found some beans in the cupboard that I wasn't going to use and a paper towel roll...we cut the paper towel roll in half, grabbed the teal duck tape and the beans and made noise makers...

I do believe we covered everything today except physical education...thats not to say we sat still.....  We swept the house - Seth helps with this now! We carried laundry baskets and washed dishes.  Hard to get outdoors with it being so rainy...plus we had our morning jog from clearance rack to clearance rack at 8:30 this morning at Target! 

At the end of the day I can sit back and reflect on how incredible the day was...with no real worries on my mind!  Seth's saying nowadays seems to be... 'oh my gosh'....with a lot of emphasis added when he says it!  Sometimes when I sit back and think of the day that is what I think ' oh my gosh' ...how did I get all that done and keep up with two amazing little boys....???  I very rarely find the answer to that question but understand completly why when 11 pm comes and my head hits the pillow, it doesn't take long for me to fall asleep.

Thanks for reading about my day....how was yours?

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Being that I love Max Lucado's words...it comes as no surprise that I throughly enjoyed this reading.  It is one that I will keep near the front of the book shelf for quick reference and continued study.  I loved the life lessons because it really made me fell that I could relate on a more personal level rather than viewing it as a surreal experience.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing company for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

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