Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 25 "Just for fun"

Week 25 "Just for fun"
I took this picture at Hanna Park near Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida. My little boy has started mimicing me when I take pictures, so I'll put the camera up to look through it and take a picture and then he puts his hands up by his face and using his imaginary camera takes a picture, he even makes a 'click click' noise as if his camera was actually taking a picture. This picture was taken right as he finished taking his 'picture'...!

I guess the old addage is true, sometimes your children are like little mirrors...and by looking at them you get a true view of yourself.


Tara said...

He is precious!!

Amy McMean said...

ahh how cute.

Taylor said...

That is too cute! Great shot.

Dianna said...

Again such an awesome photo. :) You have a gift.