Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 29 "Funny, Silly Faces" and "Pets"

Week 29 "Funny, Silly Faces" and "Pets"

"Silly, Funny Faces" Entry:
I chose the following picture of my little boy. It was taken December of 2008. I think he might have gotten a taste of the candy cane and didn't like it!

"Pets" Entry:

This was a tough decision to make...so many pictures...choosing one was difficult. I chose one of me hand feeding a seagull...it was really quite the site to see - camera in one hand, piece of bread extended in the other - and about a million seagulls all trying to get that piece of bread!

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I Love Pictures said...

That's an amazing pet picture! I think I'd be afraid I'd loose my hand :)