Monday, December 20, 2010

My husband made me cry tonight....

My husband made me cry tonight........

How many of you came to read this blog post simply because of my title? 
It amazes me how much people are drawn to the negative. It is actually kind of sad to me. We flock to news headlines filled with shootings or burglaries or sex crimes.  Sometimes I wish there was a newspaper alternative/news aleternative that was nothing but the good.  The stories about volunteer workers and good deeds and unexplained happiness. 

For the past two years, well now three Dennis has surprised me with a custom made glass ornament of a frog.  Those of you who know me, know that I love frogs!  I wasn't sure if he was going to do it again this year and then tonight when we got home he was taking the stuff out of my Bath & Body Works bag and was smelling all my new smelly hand stuff that I got (which should be another blog altogether since I am not into the Bath & Body Works scene but this stuff is amazing!)  when he pulled out what looked like a nicely folded wad of tissue paper.  I unwrapped it and ... once again it brought tears to my eyes.

His thoughtfulness is amazing!  I love the fact that not only does he work hard to support us and provide for us everything we need and want, but he is thoughtful on top of that and has had a custom made Christmas present made for me each year! 

So....curious as to what it looks like?

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Dianna said...

Beautiful and so sweet. Funny thing when I read your title I didn't think of anything negative I thought that he must of done something to sweet. :D And I was right. lol That is so thoughtful of him. :)