Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This is Awkward

This Is Awkward  
Written By: Sammy Rhodes

Don’t waste your awkwardness.
The most difficult subjects in our lives are also the ones that we find most uncomfortable to talk about: divorce, body image, sexuality, pornography, or depression. Our awkward silence reveals the gap that exists between what we are and what we know we should be. But God loves those awkward moments, Sammy Rhodes argues, because they are precisely where we find connection with God and one another.
In This Is Awkward, Rhodes talks directly, honestly, hilariously about the most painfully uncomfortable subjects in our lives. In chapters like “Parents Are a Gift (You Can’t Return Them)” and “The Porn in My Side,” he boldly goes where most of us fear to tread, revealing that we can be liberated by the embrace of a God who knows the most shameful things about us and loves us all the same. Because nothing is too awkward for God.
My Thoughts:
This was a good read. Some parts were harder to get into than others. One thing I did like about this book is that you could pick it up and read any chapter. The chapters don't necessarily build on each other. After looking at the table of contents, I will admit I skipped right to the topics that seemed to relate to me on a personal level. After that I went back and started at the beginning. It was hard to get into because each chapter seems to start with him telling you about how difficult it is to write. Once you get to the writing of the topic of that chapter, its good. However, with most chapters starting that way I could see where it would be difficult to want to keep reading. Overall I would say this was a good read, just took a little longer because it didn't quite capture my attention like some other books do, but it did tackle subjects that you don't usually hear much about.

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