Thursday, April 14, 2016

8 Simple Tools....

8 simple tools for raising great kids
Dr. Todd Cartmell
foreword by Jill Savage


"I love my child, but parenting is hard."
Whether you find parenting intuitive or impossible, we could all use a hand here and there. Let child psychologist and father Todd Cartmell walk you through the nuts and bolts of healthy, effective parenting.
Using examples from his home and 20 years of professional practice, Todd gives eight essential and practical tools to help you:
                                         Maintain a healthy relationship with your child
                                         Develop a nurturing home culture
                                         Correct behavior in lasting ways

Well if you are looking for a short, but enlightening read that is also enjoyable - this is the book for you!  I must say it feels good to tell you all that I just completed a book with 39 chapters, in less than a few months!  Ok so there are only about 190 pages in the book but I think it sounds pretty cool to say, "I just finished reading a book that was 39 chapters!" This book went into great detail on eight main topics.  Some of the topics included listening, encouraging and leading. I like the way the layout of the book and the insight to be gained in each section.  I also liked the fact that they gave you tips at the end of each section - so for the section on listening, each chapter ended with listening tips that you could try with your children.  It also provided a few deeper questions for you to consider, if you wanted to take it to another level. Being that I am keeping up with household responsibilities and spending time with my husband and boys, I really liked the fact that these chapters and sections were short enough to read through without losing your train of thought or getting interrupted in the process. I know I have room for improvement when it comes to raising my boys and this book gave me a lot to think about!

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