Thursday, August 11, 2016

My little authors!

T minus three days until school starts....and it has me feeling SO SAD.  I love having my boys home with me.  I dread the thought of them returning to school and not being able to hang out with them and go on adventures during the day.  This summer we did a lot of fun things, some of them in our own backyard and some a little farther away.  At the beginning of summer I asked the boys if they wanted to make a book of what we do over summer. With no delay, Seth eagerly said "YES!" Ivan wasn't so sure but once we got started, he had fun cutting and gluing pictures and drawing pictures. Today Dennis took all their pages to work and when he returned home he did so with their 'book'....he bound all the pages and added a clear cover.  They were so excited and so proud of their accomplishment!  I spent some time tonight looking through each book, wiping a few tears from my eyes, laughing as I remember Ivan's commentary on some of his pictures, running my hand over their handprints that we did on the last page of the book just this morning.  The "About the Author" page is what concluded there book, had their name and age and birthday and favorite color and the year and their hand print with the follow - "I've finished my summer book, high five!" So their scrap books might not be up to date, the laundry is unfinished and there are some dishes in the sink.......but the boys have something to reflect on as they grow.  I don't think they will remember the mound of clean, unfolded clothes or the dishes in the sink.....but they might remember the work and the memories that went into making their own book! I am so proud of them and love them with all that I am. These boys are the air I breathe, and while I will miss them during the days, I have all the holidays and school breaks to look forward to. 

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