Monday, October 5, 2009

Our son is creative!

Seth is really an amazing little boy. 

When he decides to be an acrobat and stand on the arm of the couch, he gives us a good scare. 
When he trys to be the next action movie star and jumps from chair to chair in grandmas dinning room, he gives grandma a good scare! 
When he needs attention he will stand up and fall back on his bottom and say 'uh oh' waiting for us to all ask 'oh Seth are you ok?'

When I looked at his plate tonight when he was done eating, I realized he is VERY creative!  See he had strategically taken bites out of his roll to make a face...and yes I took a picture just to prove it to you!  So should we perform a psychoanalysis on the boy based on how he ate his roll tonight?  I wonder if it is a screaming face of a face with its mouth open in surprise...or maybe it was just how he chose to eat his roll tonight...oh the joys of parenthood!  Children never cease to surprise you!

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