Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pay It Forward

My husband and I just finished watching the movie, "Pay It Forward." Talk about a breath taking, heart sinking, tears-welling-up in your eyes kind of movie. I think this is definitely a movie we will consider purchasing to add to our collection.

Children sometimes have a way of making things so clear for us. Sometimes we learn more from children than we teach them. In this movie, the teacher puts an assignment on the board for his students, not knowing that it would end up changing his life.

The idea that young Trevor has is something called 'Pay if Forward'...when you help somebody out who really needs it, instead of that person paying you back, you tell them to pay it forward...and to help three more people...those people are to help three more people...young Trevor thought that such a plan would make the world a better place.

One thing that I liked about the movie was how realistic it is. It isn't one of those fairy tale type movies about a boy who has a plan and changes the world and lives happily ever after. Struggles within the movie include alcohol abuse, promiscuity, emotional scars, physical scars, single parent issues, drug abuse, bullying at school. It is definitely how the world is today. The ending was not what we were expecting at all.

The 3 rules for pay it forward?
1. It has to be something that really helps people.
2. It has to be something they can't do for themselves.
3. If you do it for them, they have to do it for three other people.

Wouldn't our world be a better place if instead of paying people back for the favors they do for us we payed it forward to three more unsuspecting people who passed it on to three more people?

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