Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Baby Van Deusen

Has anything ever happened to you that changed your life?
To be honest with you I don't know of anybody that could answer that question with a "no."

Be it attending school and making a best friend, or falling in love and getting married, or lending a helping hand to realize in the end how blessed you are. Or landing the perfect job.  Purchasing your first car.  If you are breathing then chances are you have eperienced some life changing event in your life. 

I am still walking around in the clouds after a day like today...
I had my first prenatal appointment...and despite the *yucky* part it was pretty amazing to see that little blob...Our little one is 6-7 weeks old right now.  I got to see a good strong heartbeat and it was like a sense of peace just fell over me.  It was amazing. 

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Dianna said...

awwww. Can't wait to travel this pregnancy with you as you blog it.