Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What goes into taking a picture?

Have you ever wondered how somebody reaches the finished product of a good picture?  I never really thought about it until I became intrigued by photography and started reading about what other photographers have done and also started looking into all the photo effects out there. 

I have learned that I produce the best photos when I am challenged.  I guess in the end I rise to the challenge.  This Christmas with help-portrait I finalized what I feel has been my greatest picture thus far, tieing in taking the picture, editing the picture, printing the picture and framing it. 

i ♥ faces recently turned one, and to celebrate they had a challenge - take a picture that has the i ♥ faces logo in it - either via photoshop or actually part of the picture.  I knew what I wanted to do but knew it would take some work.  I thought blogging the steps would be cool for you to see.

Step 1 - Gather Lenoleum

Step 2 - Print logo, to use to transfer to lenoleum.  Once printed, use a toothpick to poke the image into the lenoleum...making an outline for you to carve.

Step 3 - Carve it

Step 4 - Now if I was doing this the 'right' way I would make as many prints as I wanted to have with this print in all red, because I want the heart red and the letters black and red is lighter than black.  Then I would carve away the heart and print over top the previous print with black to make the letters black....Since I thought about doing this a month before it was 'due' but didn't get around to it until the week it was 'due,' I had to improvise and use a paintbrush to do red and black for each print. 

While I was at it, I thought a shirt might be cute for him to wear while I was taking his pictures! The first picture is of the front of the shirt and the second picture is of the back of the shirt!


SO.....all of that went into creating these: (of course there were a lot more - oh about 150 more but for the sake for getting this blog done I am uploading my two favorites!

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