Monday, January 4, 2016

I'll be there....

Two unique videos today - of course both were far better in person but to see his progress is just amazing!  We worked with the arm skateboard a little this morning and then got out the letters.  Vanessa would give him a physical item he could touch and then give him the scrambled up letters that spelled that word.  He would then move the letters around to spell the word of whatever object was placed in front of him. It was interesting to listen to him hum a little tune while he worked to figure it out, spelling another word and then spelling the word that matched the object in front of him.  He was also tapping his foot while he did this. This afternoon we did all his arm exercises while being nosey and watching the police and some kind of accident involving a school bus and another vehicle, that we could watch from my parents from window.  Vanessa got her ipad out and we started singing songs.  Some songs that I have never heard but just listening to my dad sing them is amazing!  He always enjoyed singing, and would sing with his brothers or around the holidays. For some reason the song he sang about always being there really hit a nerve.  

People take so much for granted. I love my dad so much!

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