Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Seth is back to himself!

It is with much relief that I write this blog today.
After a week and a half of high fevers, uncontrollable coughing, trouble breathing, ER visits and doctor visits, antibiotics, breathing treatments and oral steroids... our little one is finally getting back to his normal self. He seems a bit tired from it all.

The conclussion of it all is what I had mentioned from the very start of it - allergies! But I'm just a mom and I don't know what I'm talking about!

Anyhow I figured out he was getting back to himself when I found that the marker I had given him to color with while I was picking up some stuff ended up everywhere but on the paper....the piano bench, the couch, himself....I got him cleaned up from that and then he decided to be a music conductor and that his podium would be the kitchen table....I had music playing while he was playing and I was cleaning, all of the sudden he got really quiet and when I walked into the kitchen there he is standing on the table and moving his arms as if he was conducting music....I got him down from there which turned into a massive temper tantrum, did I mention I will be VERY happy when the steroids are out of his system and he isn't so edgy?! I decided that maybe he should start helping me clean so he didn't get any other we made the bed. I had just washed the sheets and blankets and comforter and figured he could help me make the bed. What should have taken 5-10 minutes turned into a thirty minute ordeal...I got the fitted sheet on the bed and then Seth decided that it would be fun to walk back and forth on the bed...everytime I would go to reach for him the little booger would run to the other side of the bed or the head of the bed or the foot of the I did the best I could to get the bed made and then he just thought it was grand to walk back and forth on the bed and get mommy to chase after him. It was a rather eventful morning.

Yet in the midst of it all I am actually HAPPY that he was getting into trouble....for it is a sure sign that he is getting back to himself again....and just in time for the weekend! Thank God!

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