Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life has been a bit crazy lately.

Getting boy back to himself has been a bit more difficult than the last time we ended up in the emergency room. Allergy issues are no fun...but seeing as it has been raining for the past week and more rain is in the forecast, it has washed all the pollen away!

I know he is definately back to himself now, he has been eating none stop, oh and now he has taken to drawing on the walls....of course I didn't realize he had picked up this little habit. Seems whenever he can get something to write with he writes every where or "color" as he says. The couch, the piano bench, and now the walls...YIKES!

I found a little niche in Orange Park that I love...it is called the Paxon Discount Christian Book Store. I love this place because there are so many different little "goodies." Great stuff for gifts...and a ton of books...they are having a "we're not going out of business" book sale. The books are between .49 - 2.99 ...and when you look at the original prices it is like 'wow'...I love books...we went last weekend and the weekend before. The first time we went I found a bible study series - a little book (each contain 12 lessons) on each book of the bible. I am looking forward to embarking on that journey with my siblings over the summer. I also got some gift books for grandparents and parents and some pens and bracelets...odd little stuff....The second time I went they were having a buy one get one free sale...I got a few books by Dr.Dobson - I love reading his stuff...and also got a book on Literary Analysis and American Literature...I am a literature hound and love diving into a good study on literature. I think they are actually meant to be used as part of a homeschool curriculm....The only down fall to this place is that it is about a 25-30 minute drive from where we live...but hey the money I save on books is definately worth it, even if we have to spend a little more in gas!

I am in the process of trying to catch up the scrapbook. The pictures started piling up quickly and before I knew it I had hundreds of pictures just asking to be placed....I'll be happy once I get that caught up.

I think that is about it for now...

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Dianna said...

Sounds like you've been busy. That store sounds fabulous. I love finding places like that.