Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My mom is better than your mom!

A degree from the University of North Florida - $17,000.00

Fingerprints required for Duval County Public Schools - $57.25

Key to the classroom - PRICELESS!

It is often said that life is about all the small things. While it only took a matter of minutes for my moms life to change, I realized that it is all the little things that really add up into one big picture. And when that picture comes together it is AWESOME! I have also realized that it takes a lot of faith to get to where we are going in life. Only when we turn things over to God and accept His plan, do we begin to see our life fall into place.

My mom is such an inspiration. She finished college, even though she had a 20 year break from the time she started to the time she went back...she went back and that is all that matters now! So many people shy away from going back, but there is good in going back sometimes.  Not only did she go back to school and graduate but she did so with honors while taking care of a husband, four children, two dogs, a home and a job. While still attending school she also aquired a son-in-law and a grandson! I don't know of many women who can balance all that and still pull off A's in college, and keep her sanity!

I am so happy that she has her own classroom now. I know she will touch the lives of many children!

It is official! The key and the ID, all the paperwork was in the house as we didn't want the wind to catch it and carry it away! Way to go mom!

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