Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Decided to change the blog template up a bit - loved the world in the hands but was getting rather tired of it!

I like this template - 'magic trees' seems fitting!  I also changed my signature - what fun! you to actually sign your name!  I pulled out my graphics tablet and signed my name multiple times before I ended up with what I have now!

While I'm at it I might as well put something meaningful in this post.

Have you ever wondered why your children get fixated on certain objects?  Here lately Seth has been carrying around a little blue ball, a bead angel, and two little tins of burts bees stuff...he piles them, stacks them, throws them, and screams if he can't find them!  Sometimes I wish I knew what was going through his head...

Here is a picture of the things he has been carrying around lately:

I also think my son is adopting my desk!  I opened up a desk drawer while uploading the picture and found a collection of balls - golf ball, mini soccer ball, baseball...and on top of my desk he set his cup from earlier...along with the pencil and paper - maybe he was leaving me a note!  If only I could read the lines and circles!  He tells me they are ducks!

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Dianna said...

how funny. I love the new template. Very cute.