Friday, November 27, 2009

The Turkey Cake

Yes, you read the title correctly, "The Turkey Cake." 
So my grandmother saw this advertisement in a magazine:

And I guess she thought I was the one cut out to accomplish the task of creating a turkey cake...the baking 'pan' if you will is one of those new age silicone trays that I truly thought would have melted in our gas looked like this:

It required basic ingredients, so I thought to myself that it couldn't be that difficult:

There are no pictures of the baked cake because you see as I tried to 'pop' the cake pieces out of the pan, some of them stuck and some of them crumbled.  I was devastated.  My turkey cake was ruined...or so that is what I thought....but this is what I managed to pull out:

So the cake didn't turn out too bad...the feathers aren't how they should be, partly because of my having to make up how it should look - or follow the little one inch by one inch picture in the advertisment from above and partly because not all of the pieces of cake came out of the tray the way they should have.  So my conclussion was that our turkey, instead of combing his feathers back had a fro this thanksgiving! (My kitchen on the other hand, didn't look so nice upon completing this cake)

Lessons learned upon completing this cake:
1. I am capable of anything!
2.  I don't give myself enough credit.
3.  Silicone baking trays are so so - I'm not crazy about them but the world doesn't revolve around me.
4.  When trying to get brown frosting, it might be a better idea to add a dry coloring agent to the store bought icing - adding a liquid agent - like hershey's syrup to store made frosting meant I ended up with some frosting that wasn't as firm as all the rest - but it did make it taste really good...

oh and learn (and get luvs!)

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Anonymous said...

Who loves you kid? I thought it looked great.