Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another day is done...

No better way to end the day than a sweet reminder of two amazing ladies!  My Great Grandma Bowen used to make Jell-O cake...I never had the pleasure of trying hers, but from what I have been told it was like a staple of hers for special events.  If only I could ask her what the seven colors and flavors were that she used to make her 14 layer Jell-O cake.  The family loves when I make this cake, and its usually for special occasions because it takes a good 2-3 days to make. Its worth the time it takes to make, I view it as a way to keep her  memory alive.

My Grandma Helen used to make peanut butter eggs whenever we would go to Maryland to visit.  It was always a special treat and was one reason why I always looked forward to our family trips to Maryland.  I think its awesome that my mom makes them for Easter.  Its a small way to keep her memory alive.

How do you remember loved ones who have passed?  How do you keep their memory alive?

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Mom said...

Thank you for reminding me how important it is to keep those memories alive and well<3