Sunday, April 5, 2015

To stop living....

What came to mind upon reading the title to this blog? 

Was it the thought of death or dying? 
Was it the thought of skimming through life never really getting past the surface?
Did it make you think of loss?
Did it make you think of change?
Did it make you think about time?

Was it just three words you stumbled upon?

Tonight when I think of those three words combined the way they are I think of death.  When one body and spirit has exhausted all efforts to continue in an earthly realm, the body dies, but the spirit lives on.  One thing that bugs me about growing older is the thought that those older will be getting closer to death.  This is reality but boy it sure does hit us like a ton of bricks every time.  Doesn't matter how much you think you know its coming, its still hard to deal with. 

Just cleaning out the 'drafts' folder...publishing some....deleting some....

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