Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Nourishing the human spirit is so important, and people remember that well into old age and even when they can't remember anything else.  They remember the people who were consistent. Today my dad and I went to Shands to see my Uncle.  It was kind of neat to see my uncle and my dad both working together during my uncles speech therapy!  They talked about the game, and seemed happy to be around each other.  Heading home, we got stopped by a train where my dad tried to grab the wheel and convince me to just drive around the railroad cross things that were down because a train was coming.  I told him we couldn't do that, it wasn't safe. It delayed our arrival home but we made it home in one piece!  Just about the time we walked in the door I got a call from my mom that the elderly gentleman my dad always used to visit, bring his paper, his coffee, and just spend time with him, was not doing well.  Some time ago he was moved into a nursing home.  He and my dad have a special connection.  The nurses said he hasn't been eating and all he has been asking for is my dad.  The past month I have been trying to convince him to go see Mr. Pogany, even going so far as to drive him down there and sit in the parking lot hoping he would change his mind and go in.  My mom has done the same thing.  Today when I told him that Mr. Pogany wasn't doing good and just asking to see him, my dad said 'no no no'....I told him that he was all Mr. Pogany had and right now he needed him.  So he said ok and we jumped in the car, before he had a chance to change his mind.  Its no surprise to me that once there - it was just what my dad needed - as much as it was what Mr. Pogany needed.  They are good for each other.  The nurses were so happy to see my dad, they all had been told that he had a stroke and they were amazed by his recovery.  They kept telling him that he is a miracle.  Mr. Pogany kept telling my dad that he was a good visitor and that he was glad he was doing better and that he was so happy to see him.  The way they each lit up, just being in each others presence - was pretty cool to witness.  It really drove home the importance of just being there for others. All anybody ever wants is to know that they are cared about and loved and that doesn't have to be shown with elaborate gifts - Mr. Pogany doesn't miss what my dad brought him or did for him - as much as he misses his time with him.  Begs the question, how many people would miss the time you spend with them?  Or are we so wrapped up in the day to day life and struggle that we don't make time for others?  We bring gifts and meals but when the dust settles and the food has been eaten, all that remains is time.  (Consistent) time spent with somebody is priceless, as was proven to me today. Mr. Pogany doesn't remember any thing, but he remembers my dad.  My dad spent time with him.  My dad made him feel important.  My dad made him feel loved.  Mr. Pogany is 93 years old.  My dad is 52 years old.  An old man, a young man - and life's greatest lesson! ( Tuesdays with Morrie)  No matter what storm you are going through in your own life, make sure you make time to spend with those you care about, because when its all said and done that is what is remembered. 

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