Friday, November 13, 2015

"Officer Ivan"

This week Ivan was learning about safety helpers at school.  He enjoyed seeing the fire truck come to school, he did not like the loud noise.  They were all so eager to get out there to see that fire truck, but as soon as those sirens were on, they all took a step back....funny how we can be so excited to go check something out but then go into sensory overload and not enjoy it as much as we thought we would....I guess that is a good life lesson. Be cautious! A lot of his classmates have been out sick this week.  Today they were pretending to be police officers and fire fighters....when I went to pick Ivan up he had his badge on!  I turned it over and looked at the picture....before I could say anything he said, "I am officer Ivan.  This is the face I make when I call 9-9-1 no 9-1-1."  He proceeded to make the face in real life for me to see too! Every time he looks at his badge he starts laughing!  It is such a sweet sound.  No sensory overload when it comes to hearing his sweet laughter.  When Seth saw his badge he asked, "Did an emergency come up when they were taking your picture?"  I love both of them so much....this "Officer Ivan" badge will be one for the memory books.  I am so glad that he is so ok being different! 

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