Thursday, December 17, 2015

Head up!

Another amazing day! The progress that my dad is making is great. At his team meeting today the therapists each started with, "wow!"  What he has accomplished in such a short period of time gives them all hope.  They are eager to work with my dad.  Today in physical therapy they did not have to wrap his foot while he was walking because he was able to move the ankle in a walking motion and take good sized strides. His balance is a lot better.  Vince was only holding his hand but he wasn't leaning on him like he used to. The physical therapist actually had to tell him to slow down because he was moving too fast her.  She said, "Mr. Evans you aren't quite ready to run just yet but I am sure you will be one day." She worked up a sweat while working with him and she had to stop for a breather and a drink of water.  Today's big accomplishment - at least while I was with him - was seeing him hold his head high and look forward when he was walking.  That is a first.  I stood in front of him and walked backwards as he walked forwards and he kept his eyes on mine! Prior to today he would look down at his feet or struggle with balancing his weight on his right leg.  Also the therapist told my mom he is having to think about everything- engage the hip, bend the knee, lift up your foot, bend your ankle, move your leg forward, put your foot down, put you weight on the foot, now left side, lift up your foot, bend your ankle, etc...The fact that he could look forward as he walked and still keep walking means his brain is processing that he is walking without having to look at his feet.  Isn't that amazing? I love my dad so much and am so proud of him!  He always told me that he was so proud of me, now I get to tell him how proud I am of him!

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Rachel Van Deusen said...

It took me quite a while to learn to walk while looking forward. Vaughn's doing fabulous. I am amazed. Anne