Friday, December 4, 2015

Setback Friday, making way for a comeback!

It has been just about 2 weeks since my father had a stroke.  This roller coaster ride that we have been on is one I hope that you never have to personally experience.  I can honestly say that today was scary given how my dad was acting.  Especially given how well he had been doing earlier in the week. It started yesterday afternoon, he just didn't seem as responsive and was drenched in sweat and super pale. I figured it was his first meal he was able to eat in almost two weeks and his body was probably having to work more than it had been.  When I went to see him this morning he just really didn't look good.  When physical therapy came in usually he is real eager to get up and try to walk or at least do the things they tell him to do.  Today he stood up once and then laid back down.  He just seemed exhausted.  They were asking him questions and concerned about how he was acting, he hasn't ever really been like he was today.  When the team of doctors came in they were concerned with his blank stare, inability to keep eye contact, and difficulty waking him.  A certain amount of panic set in as the last time that he had difficulty being woken up he had swelling on his brain that was life threatening and within hours he was having a piece of his skull removed.  They ordered a ct scan, a heart test, and an eeg to measure brain waves to check for possible seizures. The entire time he stayed pretty much asleep. I went to get Ivan and came back and he hadn't really improved much, still not responding and not keeping eye contact.  Went to pick Seth up and came back, he seemed to perk up a bit when he saw the boys.  He even laughed a little when he saw Ivan who was wearing a spiderman hoodie that had a spiderman mask as the hood.  Seth told him about his presidential physical fitness test and the patch that he got from coach.  He was intently listening to Seth.  It was refreshing to see especially after how he had been all day.  We were still worried though because we didn't have results yet and he wasn't as responsive to us as he had been.  My mom called when she was on her way and my sister put her on speaker phone and my dad actually turned towards the phone when he heard her voice.  She got there and he wouldn't look at her and that was so heart breaking.  He can't convey what is going on or how he is feeling and she can't understand what is going through his mind.  The doctor came in and told us that his heart enzymes were good, the CT scan revealed that where he had some bleeding on his brain that had stopped, well the blood that was left their has been completely reabsorbed and the swelling has gone down drastically.  They were pleasantly surprised with the amount of improvement in his CT scan. And the EEG measuring his brain waves and looking for any possible seizure activity showed everything was just fine....all things considered.  They felt it was more of a mood issue than a medical issue.  So tonight I ask you all to join me in praying for my fathers spirits to be lifted and for strength for him as he learns how to walk this difficult road.  It will not be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy!  We all gathered around the bed while the doctor was there and talking with him and just started telling him that we would be with him for this journey, that we are going to walk with him, that we aren't going to leave him that even if he wants us to leave well tough because we are staying right beside him.  I know he wants to be home more than anything.  I just hope and pray that depression stay away.  The doctor told us that family support was very important.  While the test results were good and provided a sigh or relief, it made for a very long afternoon.  I guess as the saying goes, "all is well that ends well."

The picture below shows Seth talking to my dad, I love that he was paying attention to Seth.  I also love that Seth has made great progress as far as elevators go.  He now doesn't have a death grip on my hand, he holds the rail and when I offered him my hand he said, 'no I don't need it anymore,'  It is so amazing to see your kid overcome their fear, especially when they overcome their fear to help somebody else.  I know that as a family we will not leave my father.  I also love how my mom loves my dad.  They set such a great example for all of us.

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