Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My dad sang Happy Birthday!

I spent the day with my dad.  When I arrived physical therapy and occupational therapy were working with him and so pleased with his progress.  As I was walking down the hallway I heard, "Mr. Evans," then I kinda sped up my walking speed and as I entered his room they were applauding and celebrating his achievements! I love that his nurses today were just as excited about his progress as we are! The occupational therapist said she wished she could work with him all day because of his great attitude and determination.  He brushed his teeth this morning, and was looking at his head in the mirror.  He ate some ice chips and practiced swallowing.  They had him repeating sentences today and were very impressed with his ability to speak in such a way that we could make out what he was saying.  He is really good at repeating things, now we just need him to open his mouth more when he isn't repeating things so that we can better understand what he is trying to say.  His bright happy eyes, were a good thing to see this morning! If you can brush your teeth, be sure to thank God.  If you can touch your head, be sure to thank God.  If you have motor planning and the ability to carry out motor processes, be sure to stop and thank God.  We take so much for granted.  

And the following is the video of my dad singing Happy Birthday!  This is absolutely amazing to me!  I am so proud of my dad.  9 days after a stroke that affected almost half of his brain and he not only speaks but sang Happy Birthday and even added 'and many more' at the end of the song which is something he always did when we would have family dinners to celebrate birthdays!

 Happy Birthday Mom!

Also as some of you may know, my father has struggled with mental illness.  Prior to the stroke he had just over three good months, such a victory to know that he was fighting anxiety and depression and kicking its a** for that time period.  He has come back from severely debilitating anxiety and depression, I know he can come back from this!  As this Tuesday of Giving comes to a close I would encourage you to donate to this dear friend of ours and this cause, that brings awareness to mental illness. Any donation is greatly appreciated - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - follow this link to donate.  She will be walking overnight to bring awareness and help prevent suicide. I also add this because it is something my mom also strongly supports as she has been by my dad through those trying times, and its her birthday!

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