Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My favorite porch....

Some days are better than others. Sometimes I just wish I could dig myself a hole somewhere and come out when there has been a fix-all, cure producing magic wand for those who suffer with mental illness. Why the darkness that is within?  I heard a song today and part of the lyrics were, 'the more you are broken the more the light shines through'....talking about the light of God.  I suppose there is truth in that especially considering that, 'when I am weak, then I am strong.'  Today was a dreary day, overcast with light rain most of the day.  I needed the sun today.
 I went for a walk on the beach but it just wasn't the same without the sun.  A lot of things are different when the sun isn't present.  I was kind of happy that I had an invitation for a visit to see a good friend and an amazing porch.  Days like today I would just assume curl up in bed and read a book with the covers over my head and a flashlight, or take a nap....but seldom are days like that ever good for people like me.  So I pushed through, and am glad that I did, because in addition to the great company, an amazing bird just flew down right in front of us.  There were actually two and we got to watch one hunt for worms in the wet grass from high tide and we got to watch the other catch (what I would assume) was his lunch.  Such great visitors! A porch like this, and a nice person makes dreary days live-able....manageable.  Today I learned that the sunshine in our life doesn't always have to come from a flaming ball of plasma, sometimes God places people along our path to provide us with energy (encouragement, hope, love), just as the sun provides energy for life on Earth.  I am grateful that there are people like this in my life.

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