Saturday, October 24, 2015

Praise in the Maize

 Love these two little boys!  Ivan and Seth as we had just started the corn maize!  They were was very bright out side today!

 The boys were excited to have my mom join us today.  Grandma and her grandsons, in the corn maize and on the way back from the corn maize.

    Ivan would not have any part of feeding the cows.  He looked at them with total disgust, and looked at me like I was crazy for putting my hand near that thing!  His facial expressions are truly priceless!  I just never can seem to catch them on camera!

 Leave it to the teacher to make it a teachable moment.  Ivan was quite taken with all the corn and we would often times find him stopping to peel back a pieces of husk to look at the corn.  I have never seen him quite so intrigued.

 Ivan had fun climbing on the hay and then jumping down.  He did this similar to the movies where they seem to fall on the hay...Seth just enjoyed climbing to the top and looking around.  I love the clouds in the background. Dennis even climbed up to the top with them so I could get their picture together.

 I love the random picture of my mom and Ivan while we were waiting to leave the corn maize...its so hard to get pictures of Ivan smiling and not acting goofy.  I also love the picture of my mom and Seth sitting under the tree - probably having some meaningful conversation about math or science or the weather!

 The pictures of them with the pumpkins was an on the way out, "hey stop here, lets take a picture."

Today on the calendar of events, was Praise in the Maize!  The entire time we were there they were playing praise and worship music, it was a refreshing afternoon.  I heard one song that moved me about how we go to church discouraged, and feeling defeated but God is raising up his soldiers and calling us off the pews.  The sign was a good reminder too!

I felt very compelled to go see the pigs.  I have many happy memories growing up when we would go visit my moms aunt and uncle in North Carolina and we would go get older produce and take it to the farm to feed the pigs.  The boys wanted to go play on the playground but we convinced them to go look at the pigs first.  I took some pictures and we looked at them all and then we were off to the playground. When I got home and was going through the pictures I was surprised to find that the only clear picture I got of the pigs was of this one, and do you see that he has a heart on him?  It made me think about how God shows us His love.  And just had me wondering how many times His love is right in front of us and we just don't notice it....

A trip to a farm wouldn't be complete without sitting on a tractor!

By this point of our fun afternoon, the boys were about over me asking them to stop and take pictures!  This one didn't turn out too bad considering they had been playing for about three hours!

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